Sunday, May 15, 2005

Zih Socializing

Board Parties and Stuff...

On our first night in Zih, March 4th, we tried to meet up with one of Zihua Rob's Message Board Parties which was being held at the Blue Mamou and hosted by one of the board members (rumor has it was Mike from CUP). But by the time we got there (ok.. we were two hours late) all attendees had already moved on to dinner and elsewhere. So we then set out to attend the next scheduled Board Party at Brisa Del Mar on the the following week. Now I have mixed feelings about meeting folks in person that you have chatted with on message boards and such. They seldom meet your expectations, so either you are horrified by the 'real person', you are STUNNED by the real person, the real person isn't nearly as snarky as you thought and is actually a decent individual and so forth. Meeting folks in the flesh is very upsetting to the preconceived notions we get into our heads. For unlike on the boards, when confronted with a complex human being face to face we are forced to be open minded! Yikes!

The board party at Brisa was lightly attended but interesting none the less. It seemed to have several 'crossover' board members in attendance, that is, members who post on other boards or several boards. At any rate, this board party provided no shocking revelations and all in all everyone seemed jolly and personable. Ellie from New York seemed like as fun a person in rl as on her posts , I hope we have a chance to get to know her and her friends better some time in the future.


Croc sighting...

We also managed to catch a glimpse of the crocodile one day that frequents the swamp outside El Manglar Restaurant on La Ropa. He was putting on quite a show looking like the cartoon gator from Peter Pan. With his mouth open wide showing an array of impressive incisors I half expected to hear a clock tick-tick-ticking. I was also quite struck by the lack of barricades. But that is what is so great about Mexico.. they figure you HAVEƂ a brain and won't be a flipping idiot and run over and pet the damned thing.


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