Sunday, May 15, 2005

Eat and be merry...

(aka how to start an argument on the Zih message boards)...

Ok.. Let's face it. What do you talk about all afternoon as you bake in the Zih sun, scarf down greasy tortilla chips, quaff down buckets of beer and observe the fascinating parade of half clothed humans. Just as you begin to think the guy next to you really is beginning to resemble that roast pig at the luau on Oahu you begin to discuss that all important question.. that's and where to go for dinner..

To be fair, as far as recommendations go, I have to admit we did alot of 'noshing' at bars like Paccolos (good fish tacos) and Bandidos (more good fish tacos) so often we just skipped the whole formal dinner thing. (um.. can I have some fish tacos please?) But the following were some of our favorite dinner establishments this time around.

Casa Vieja - nice setting, well prepared food and nice touches like the complimentary liquor at the end. (Watch out for the noseeums as the restaurant is located at the foot of Cerro Madera and away from the ocean breezes)

Caprichios - We went here twice, as much for the ambiance as the food. The restful garden dining area is dramatically lit and wonderfully decorated. It serves as a chic and romantic alternative to the overdone (ACK..Give me my sunglasses!) year round Christmas lights that make up Coconut's alfresco dining experience. The bar is filled with really comfy and elegant furnishings and is situated adjacent to the sidewalk of Calle Cinco de Mayo making it perfect for early evening people watching . Relax on the cushy white couch, order a glass of good pinot grigio and some excellent shrimp cocktail. One shrimp cocktail is enough for two people - the serving is huge. If you're lucky you might be sipping and have a local celebrity drop in. The night we were there Jimi Mamou zipped though the bar with a red head on his arm and a jaunty looking nautical number as his hat du jour. He waved in recognition as he disapeared into the dining room.. we felt like we were really AÂ List that night.

La Gula - What can I say? It has been here a year and is still putting out consistently good platters of food. It was the perfect "first night in Zih" dinner stop for us.. relaxed.. attentive service.. nice presentation... and decently priced fine dining. On Calle Adelita in the Madera neighborhood.


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