Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here we go again..

And So it Begins...

We arrived late afternoon after an uneventful flight,( although I suspect we are now legendary on Alaska Air as being the idiots who lugged 9 clinking liters of wine in their carry on) and checked into Bungalows Ley Club Madera Suite (slide show). Freshening up only briefly we trudged down the steep stairs to Madera Beach and to partake of our now traditional first cervesa at MJ and Ritchies. Digging our toes in the sand and gulping Pacificos we were now in a Zih state of mind.

After a couple of beers we strolled down Cerro Madera to La Gula Restaurant on Calle Adelita and were amazed when our waiter Armando remembered us from last year when he worked at Arricife on Las Gatas. Now keep in mind we went there once last year. There must be some mental trick Mexicans use to remember faces as this was not the last time it happened on our trip. From there we walked over to the new blues club, Blue Mamou, to see what all the excitement was about.

The remodeling has been extensive and the resulting ambiance is quite remarkable. The pictures on the website simply do not do the place justice as it is far nicer in person and has a definite swanky feel. I asked for directions to the banos from a very handsome gentleman at the bar and when he turned to answer me I realized it was Jimi Mamou himself. The man has a voice like honey dripping over hot Mexican blue stones. I gulped and thought, Yeah, this guy is charisma personified and I had yet to hear him play yet! The music that night was Jimi pounding out some delta blues on the keyboard, although he normally is on guitar but it served as the perfect sexy background score for a sultry Zih evening.

The only hitch to an otherwise perfect time was the blase crowd of blue hairs which tended to lean back in their chairs as if to say, entertain me.. entertain me. Fortunately, not all the nights we visited Blue Mamou were like that. On subsequent visits we found the dance floor being ripped up by more interactive and involved patrons (as well as yours truly) and the crowd vocal and appreciative.


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