Sunday, May 15, 2005

Start your trip off right..

Our Daily Bread...

Next day we did the Commercial Mexicana trip and stocked up on the basics, Cervesa, chips, fresh salsa, delicious rolls that we didn't need, manchego cheese, water, wine and some juice. We also lost 3000 pesos at the ATM there when it refused to spit out the full withdrawal...beware.

For the rest of our visit in Zih we established a routine of going to breakfast, the day at the beach, long siestas then a great dinner and bar hopping.

Breakfast became an important ritual and served as a constant source of debate for us. During the last year I had often extolled the merits of the Casa Cafe. Im not sure if I was more lucid ( in the morning hours at least) this year or that things have simply changed but after one return visit we reluctantly agreed that the portions seemed smaller, the side dishes were absent or lacking and quite simply there wasn't the value there that other restaurants offered. We began then the great breakfast hunt of 2005. Eating in a different restaurant almost every morning (except twice at Salvadors) our awards of merit fell into several categories with the following as the top finishers...

Best Overall Breakfast :Tamales Any
Tamales Any had a large selection of wonderful breakfast meals that were always hot and accompanied by delicious side dishes. The coffee (according to Gerry) was the best to be found.

Best Chiliquiles and biggest fresh squeezed Orange Juice : Los Braseros
Although this place seems to lack friendly help it makes up for it in darned good food, big portions and a dazzling array of choices. Good prices and sparkling clean banos are an added bonus. (the parrots in cages that you pass on the way to them are fun for kids too)

And the Sentimental Favorite:
Best Value and Newcomer: Salvadors
Located at end of the canal bridge stairs down the street from La Gula on Calle Adelita you sit in a modest cafe surrounded by a pretty little garden. The food is prepared with care and skill with generous portions, fresh squeezed juice and coffee that are included and interesting side dishes. The prices (factoring in all the side dishes and portions) are cheapest of any place we found. The owner is a polite caring person with a ready smile who truly takes pride in his little outdoor cafe. Micho (?) the cat will sit under or adjacent to your table and only adds to the experience...


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