Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seduction Zih Style

So... this is your scenario. You are taking someone to Zihuatanejo. You plan to propose or you want to make like Liz and Dick with nights of sweaty, lusty embraces under a tropical moon. You don't know quite how to set the mood. You reason, maybe if she just drinks enough she will be overcome by passion! Unfortunately, chances are she will probably end up hanging over a Mexican porcelain throne and you will be running to the nearest pharmacia. No problemo amigo, I can help! I just spent an evening that had all the elements required to make your dreams come true. Now first let me say, I readily admit I'm a woman of a 'certain age'. Yes, despite my mini-skirts, blond highlights and penchant for wild adventures I am certainly not a young sweet thing easily given to weak knees and non-earned bodice ripping. I know full well what it is going to take to get from point A to a sometimes quite distant B. So, with that being said, let me go over your plan of action. First - reservations for 6:30 pm at La Cala Restaurante at Puerto Mio Hotel. The food, presentation and quality are decent enough, your typical 'continental' style menu - lots of shrimp, steaks, fancy schmancy sauces and big prices. The pay off here is ambiance. When I walked in and saw the dining area I literally gasped. Elegant table filled terraces edge down the hillside to a small punchbowl shaped grotto of boiling sea and pounding waves. We dined on the lower level and were so close to the ocean we literally felt a slight salt spray from the larger waves. (No worries! It only adds to the whole edgy-sexy-danger feel!) As twilight falls, young men scamper up the cliffs to light torches amongst the rocks. The waves crash.. the rocks clack and hiss.. the wine pours... the waiter discreetly hangs back and allows you to work your magic on your paramour. (I know.. I know.... the photo shows my husband and amigo Daniel... but work with me here ok!?) So back to YOU and your beloved. You are nearly there. She smiles and gives you a come hither look. But wait! You need to seal the deal and I know JUST the place... Zihua Blue Lounge.

This restaurant lounge is located on the road to Playa La Ropa on the first hill ascent near Hotel Irma. The taxis will know it. We walked up the stairs to the outdoor deck and saw a few tables, pretty lights, knockout view AND a scattering of beds! And not just any beds, but gorgeous four posters of somewhat unusual height were spaced about every 25 feet throughout the patio. (they even had darling little bed steps up to them) They all featured piles of plump pillows, cozy terry cloth coverings and white sheer curtains fluttering in the breeze. Waiters were casually shuttling back and forth as though people sipping cocktails on beds was the most natural thing in the world. Sexy jazz played on the sound system and stars twinkled overhead. I sprinted over to the nearest bed and clamored up. Of course our experience was complicated a bit by there being three of us so we got a few confused glances from the other couples around us. But we knew others would want to know about this place so we forged ahead. After one cocktail and a wry "why don't you guys find a room..." directed at us from one of the neighboring beds we decided the three of us sharing a 'bed' was taking on a certain scandalous quality. With that we paid the bill and left the other couples to their romantic interludes. But back to you! Take your sweetie to Zihua Blue for the perfect end to a wonderful evening in Zihuatanejo. The playful and unique quality of the lounge can't fail to impress anyone who happens to experience it. Just make sure the night isn't too breezy - the restaurant is set on a hill and can be a tad cool if it is very windy. After a night cap the rest is up to you... Go get her tiger!


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